“Multicultural” Europe is a Disaster

--“This [multicultural] approach has failed, utterly failed,” Angela Merkel said in 2010 during a meeting with the Christian Democratic Union party.

So, fast-forward to 2017, instead of making mass immigration about “multiculturalism,” it’s now about filling in the blanks for an aging population. Rather than change the strategy, the politicos have just changed the narrative. (Because youth employment in Europe is so strong they need to pull people from other continents, right?)

Such is the nature of the “refugee” crisis.

It’s no longer controversial: Four out of five migrants coming into Europe are not escaping war-torn Syria. The vast majority of them are not refugees, by definition. They’re coming from all over Africa and the Middle East, some of them even paying smugglers from $1,500 up to $15,000 to get them handed off to European aid workers.

To call this a “refugee crisis,” then, is a bit disingenuous.

Problem? Allowing millions of people into countries willy-nilly with no regard for its citizens and with the expectation the State can reasonably take care of and subsidize everything is hardly sustainable. It hurts everyone involved. Especially those honestly looking for a better life for their families.

And there’s a darker side…

The dark side…

There is a side of this mass immigration that Europeans aren’t allowed to openly discuss. “Multiculturalism” is a political (not social) movement with many competing interests.

When I visited Brussels in late-2015, it was still in military lockdown after the attacks in Paris. The attackers were apparently from a small Islamic district called Molenbeek, often called by journalists “Jihad central” for its inexplicable ability to spawn terrorism in Europe.

During his reign, Molenbeek mayor Philippe Moureaux flooded the district with immigrants. It was largely assumed he did so to buy their votes with the public till and maintain his position. (Cue the shock and awe.) It’s a common theme in many countries in Europe. But it didn’t explain the rise of terrorists originating in Molenbeek specifically.

The view from my Airbnb

I learned, while talking in hushed tones to a Belgian in a pub (as if it were a huge secret there), that the Grand Mosque, of which was leased out to Saudi Arabia in 1967 in exchange for cheap oil, was/is a cesspit of Salafism/Wahhabism.

This ideology, he said, is what led to the Paris attack — and, as far as we can tell, most other attacks in Europe, too.

Salafism is an ultra-conservative sect of Islam which calls for a literalist and absolutist interpretation of the Quran. It’s an “either you think like us or you’re an enemy” approach. It has no intention of integrating with the Western world. It’s the rocket fuel for ISIS. And mass immigration into welfare states is a boon.

In a nutshell…

Salafists teach they are on a long-term mission to starve the “Beast” of Western world. Mainly through welfare and eventually outnumbering them by having as many kids as possible — it is only proper, they believe, to weaponize the compassion of the West.

It sounds fantastically conspiratorial, yes. But many Muslim imams are worried about the hate-filled rhetoric of Salafism.

All over the continent there are Muslim districts like Molenbeek. They are not integrative districts. They are insular and shut off from the rest of the population.

To handle the massive influx, immigrants are largely stuffed into isolated State-managed silos with no economic prospects, no “integration,” no multiculturalism, no future. The youth are marginalized with little to do to keep occupied. The Salafist imam opportunists swoop in and give them purpose. Salafism is, thus, the fastest-growing Islamist movement in Europe.

And Germany is getting the worst of it on both sides of the spectrum…

“Anti-Fascist” Germans unite with right-wing fascist Salafis

In Germany, also on the side of “multiculturalism,” you also have, as we’ve seen recently in many G20 riot videos, roving bands of hard Left “Antifa” members — numbering in the tens of thousands.

And they aren’t clean, compassionate do-gooders who want to “seize the means of production” from the filthy capitalists to feed people, create Star Trek replicators and create the utopia.

During the G20 riots, they targeted any journalist they referred to as “Nazis” (including American Luke Rudkowski and Canadian Lauren Southern) and threatened to kill them if they didn’t leave.

Thus, they are the goons who stamp out any honest conversation of the dominant political agenda. (As a highly organized unit with their own news network, we wonder where they’re getting their funding…)

Immigration is a complex issue.

Surely, we would want to see Syrians rebuild — and help them in any way we can along the way. We want to see oppressed cultures thrive. We want to see people free themselves of any chains that bind them.

But blind, hasty, mass immigration is starved for open, honest conversation. It has created a powder keg in Europe that’s, if kept rolling, destined to blow.

“Multiculturalism” was just a political movement with no regard for the social implications. It’s just a word used to fulfill a plethora of destructive agendas.

For some, it’s a way to secure votes and power. For others, it’s a long con to fulfill some maniacal Islamo-Fascist dream. For others still, it’s a way to wipe out cultural identity and call people “Nazis” who disagree.

For the honest people, those looking for a better life, it’s a way to get caught up as a pawn in someone else’s game.

It’s a trick.

And it won’t end well for anyone.

Until tomorrow,

Chris Campbell
Managing editor, Laissez Faire Today

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