No love lost? People like Hillary less than ever

Following her humiliating rejection by the American electorate, Hillary Clinton spent several weeks in relative seclusion before beginning to resurface as part of the Trump “resistance,” and announcing that she had formed a new political action committee named Onward Together.

Mainstream media reports surrounding her infrequent public appearances have been generally glowing, as per usual when the media fawns over one of its own. Media references to her paint her as a saintly grandmother doting over her grandchildren rather the ruthless money grubbing political operative with blood on her hands and long trail of bodies in her wake. Meanwhile, the MSM is hammering unmercifully on Clinton’s nemesis in the last election, Donald Trump.

Despite that, the witch from Chappaqua’s approval rating continues to plummet. According to a poll by Bloomberg, SHillary’s favorable rating is down to 39 percent. The favorable rating is down 2 points since Bloomberg’s last similar poll on December 16, 2016, and down 4 points since she became the presumptive Democrat nominee last June. Her net unfavorable rating is up to 58 percent, with 37 percent seeing her as very unfavorable.

For perspective, Bloomberg’s poll had her favorability rating at 70 percent in December of 2012, while she was Secretary of State and just three months after the terror attack on the Benghazi compound that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. At the time, SHillary’s complicity in the gun-running, lack of security and subsequent attempted cover-up  was not yet known.

And it’s not just Republicans who hold her in such low esteem. According to Bloomberg:

Clinton’s lowest reading ever in the Bloomberg poll — one percentage point lower than her current popularity — was recorded in September 2015, as she battled with Sanders before the first primary ballots were cast and as the scandal surrounding her use of a private email server escalated.

“I felt like there was a smugness and that she was just a politician who was called a Democrat, but could have been a Republican,” said poll participant Robert Taylor, 46, a second-grade teacher from suburban Chicago who voted for Clinton, but would have preferred Sanders as the Democratic nominee.

Even before the election, Taylor said he felt negatively about Clinton, but he doesn’t blame her for Trump being president.

“I could vote for a competent leader or I could vote for a jackass,” he said of his choices. “I think my negativity about her would be there whether Trump was elected or not.”

Ray Cowart, 75, the retired owner of a small software company from Elk Park, North Carolina, said he voted for Clinton even though he didn’t like her because “she was the better of two bad options.”

Asked who he would rather have a beer with if neither one of them was president, Cowart said he’d rather stay home. “I wouldn’t go, even if I was thirsty,” he said.

Despite the unceasing negative coverage of Trump by the MSM, fueled by the fake Russia collusion narrative, Trump is seen more favorably than Clinton by those polled.  His favorability came in at 41 percent, which is down from 50 percent in the poll last December — Trump’s high-water mark.

Of interest is the way the poll’s participants broke down by party. When asked if they considered themselves Republican, Democrat or Independent, 22 percent claimed to be Republican, 28 percent claimed Democrat, and 46 percent said they were independents. The remaining 4 percent said other, not sure or refused to answer. You can read the entire poll.

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