The Western man is on the outs

It’s no secret that masculinity is under attack. Not just masculinity– even believing that biology plays a part in basic human nature is considered hateful by those who believe everyone can be anything. But masculinity has to go. It’s ruining the genderless utopia Western leftists are longing to assemble.

This isn’t, of course, anything new. Certain leftist factions have been chattering on forever about how men screw everything up. Sexism, racism, wars, poverty cycles, all get blamed primarily on men. And it makes sense. Societies in general have traditionally been pretty patriarchy-heavy, the people running things get the blame for the bad.

Of course, lately the mainstream is a little stingy on praise for that whole helping to erect (no pun) modern civilization in the Western world.

And it wasn’t just men who put in the leg work– but masculinity played its part. Today, it gets all the generalizations and none of the glory from people wishing, I suppose, that modern society had grown from a different seed (no pun).

I don’t hear a whole lot of talk from the woke among us about toxic female or transgender characteristics.

Are there no violent women or transgenders? No racists among them? They’re above reproach? The whole lot of them?


Meanwhile, college campuses are hiring specialists to to teach young men how to quell their out of control animalistic urges.

This is a report on Princeton University’s new specialist from The College Fix:

The university is in the process of hiring an “Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men’s Engagement Manager” who will work with a campus office called SHARE that’s dedicated to “survivors” of sexual harassment, assault, dating violence and stalking.

According to SHARE, one in four female undergrads experienced such misconduct during the 2015-16 school year.

The men’s manager will also launch initiatives to challenge “gender stereotypes,” and expand the school’s Men’s Allied Voices for a Respectful and Inclusive Community, a self-described “violence prevention program” at Princeton that often bemoans “toxic masculinity” on its Facebook page.

According to the job description, the men’s manager will develop educational programs targeting the apparent “high-risk campus-based populations for primary prevention of interpersonal violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.”

The job posting implicitly refers to men as perpetrators and women as victims.

Look, rape and sexual assault are horrible realities. Stalking is creepy. And no one this side of couth believes unprovoked violence against others is right.

Toxic masculinity is like male chauvinism, except with an effort to distort connotation.

And as the cultural assault on masculinity continues, men who want to be men also face growing environmental threats to their natural state of being.

Scientists– don’t tell self-revisionist Bill Nye, but some still believe in biology– are warning  that sperm counts among Western men are plummeting. This isn’t a recent development. Sperm levels in the Western world have dropped by half in the past 40 years. But researchers say the problem is going to get worse.


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