Jared Kushner Heads Back to the Middle East, “Beach-Spreading” Hits the Jersey Shore, and German Elections Get Underway: P.M. Links

  • Jared KushnerJared Kushner is being sent back to the Middle East to restart peace talks between Israel and Palestine. No doubt he will be able to bring this long conflict to a quick and satisfying end.
  • Washington D.C. neighborhood wants to block a Safeway from selling wine and beer until it starts selling more fresh fruit and sugar-free foods. These are the costal elites we all labor under.
  • Ginger haired emoji scheduled for a 2018 roll out. Now if we could only get one with freckles too.
  • Move over 'manspreading', welcome to primetime 'beach-spreading'. According to the New York Times, New Jersey's beaches are being taken over by tent-toting 'maximalists', who're taking up more than their allotted space with barbeque grills, volleyball nets, and sprawling card games of Uno.
  • Campaigning is getting underway for elections to Germany's Bundestag, to be held on September 24th. The Economist has a helpful breakdown of the parties and their positions.