Robber Preys on Wrong Couple

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USA – KCTV 5 in Kansas City, Missouri reports 07-18-2017 police report just before 5 in the morning, a resident and his girlfriend were returning from Walmart after working the night shift at their job.

“My girlfriend and I put the groceries inside and I was going to walk her back to her car,” the male victim said.

Then a man, dressed in all black, came around (a corner) saying give me this, give me that and threatening us with a gun. The male victim gave the armed robber everything inside his pockets.

“But we were backed up into our apartment. My door was open he was beckoning us to go into the apartment,” the male victim said. Frightened, he made the decision to grab what he knew could possibly save them, his own weapon that was just inside the door and fight back.

“I walked out, he was still holding the gun and I thought he was going to shoot me that minute, and I just took a couple shots and he ran off,” the victim told police. Unsure if he had hit the gunman, the victim and his girlfriend went inside to hide and call police.

Responding police say they later found the robber dead.

“The last thing I wanted to do is use my firearm. That’s the last thing I wanted to do. But am I glad I had it? Yes, I am because things could’ve gotten very ugly, very fast if I hadn’t,” the victim said.


The victim here tries to avoid problems by submitting to the robbers demand to empty his pockets. When the robber fails to disengage as 90% usually do, the threat escalates.

The criminal attempts to force the couple into the apartment. There is no way the victim can allow that with the risk that he and his girlfriend would be assaulted or murdered.

Fortunately, he keeps a pistol near the front door to be handy as he answers the door. Keeping a ready firearm near your home entrances and exits is always a prudent choice to repel intruders or facilitate your own armed escape.

The other smart choice was to stay inside and let the cops do the pursuit. Once you are safe, stay safe!

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