Trump’s lack of progress on border wall under fire… from Democrats

Looks like the Democrats are getting pretty desperate. A recent Democratic National Committee fundraising email slammed the Trump administration for failure to deliver on the president’s promised wall along the nation’s southern border, a project Democrats didn’t want anyway.

The email was first brought to the attention of those not dumb enough to be on the Democrat donor list by Business Insider’s Allan Smith.

“Trump has failed to deliver on his signature promise to build a border wall and have Mexico pay for it. Trump even admitted in a private conversation with Mexico that his border wall promise was the ‘least important thing,'” the funding plea begins.

Why would the left care that Trump hasn’t made more progress on his immigration proposal? Well, that seems to be the $64,000 question for confused Democrats on Twitter.

Here’s a very small selection of baffled responses to the email:




This isn’t the only totally strange DNC funding effort to pop up in recent weeks. In fact, at the end of each month the party sends supporters a bit of fundraising junk mail that looks like a utility cut off notice.

POLITICO described the mail campaign eloquently earlier this month: “You can set your watch to the worst of the DCCC’s fundraising tactics. In the early afternoon of the last day of every month, the committee sends a fundraising email to its list that screams “FINAL NOTICE” in its subject line and content. The effect is to shock people into opening the message out of fear that they’ve missed a payment or that they might have their power shut off.”

The news outlet later pointed out: “The effect of these tactics is to shock, depress or shame people into action. It’s the opposite of empowering.”

No doubt. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Democrat leaders simply no longer have a leg to stand on with most rational, average American voters– a fact nicely illustrated by political fundraising totals from the first half of 2017. Normal Americans, those who typically donate $200 or less to political parties, handed the GOP $33 million for that time period. Over the same six-month span, the DNC managed to raise just $21 million from those small-dollar donors, despite the benefit of have Trump as their boogeyman.

After telling the nation that Hillary Clinton would inevitably become the next president and sabotaging Sen. Bernie Sanders in an effort to self-fulfill its prophecy, the DNC trudged out of the 2016 presidential contest with quite a bit of egg on its face.

Instead of gracefully admitting defeat and miscalculation, the party’s leadership then threw all of its efforts into months of spin aimed at undermining the Trump administration with wild accusations of election tampering and treasonous dealings with Russian spies.

If you’ve been paying attention recently, you know the wheels are pretty near falling off of those efforts.

So now, a party that lacked any clear policy prescriptions for the biggest problems facing the nation at the start is doing a desperation dance in an effort to appeal to anyone still listening. Thanks to the DNC’s lies and betrayals, that means the party’s bread and butter will have to come from people who really aren’t paying attention… and morons.

Today, that means Democrats who accidentally shuffle the party’s funding messages into stacks of delinquent bills and people whose hatred of Trump is so irrationally strong that they’d fault him for dawdling on promises they don’t even want to see fulfilled.  In addition, of course, are the party’s appeals to the black-clad Antifa crowds and race war obsessives whose biggest concerns in 2017 are toppling statues and unfounded perceptions of growing Nazism.

Who knows what we’ll see in the months ahead. But the Democrats are now, without question, the party of the irrational.

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