Get ready for the GOP establishment push for Obamacare bailouts

Republicans in Congress have failed to deliver a on a repeal or replacement for Obamacare despite promising voters a conservative healthcare fix for eight years. And even though the GOP failed to deliver, Democrat strategist are poised to hit vulnerable Republicans on repeal talk heading into the 2018 midterms.

What’s that mean? Vulnerable GOP lawmakers are about to do some serious pandering to stave off leftist criticism.

That’s because Obamacare repeal, while popular with the core conservative voter base, is viewed less favorably among GOP moderates and, of course, Democrats.

Having weakened motivation for conservative voters to show support come election day by failing to make any meaningful changes to Obamacare, GOP lawmakers facing potentially tight races need to hold on to as many moderate votes as possible while also working to prevent the Democrats from running successful efforts to rally Obamacare supporters against them.

A report out from AXIOS Monday revealed that those efforts are already underway.

Citing information compiled by Democratic pollsters at Hart Research, AXIOS reported that the Democrats will likely pick some variation of the following strategy suggestions in attacking vulnerable Republicans in coming elections:

  • Blame Trump and congressional Republicans for increasing premiums and insurers opting out of the health insurance marketplaces due to uncertainty and instability.
  • Remind voters of Trump’s original intention to let ACA fail, citing his own declarations to do so, and give concrete examples of how he has followed through on this.
  • Point out Trump’s anti-Obama motivation for repealing and replacing ACA, specifically citing things that voters are unhappy about, like Trump’s “egomania” and “political spitefulness.” (More on that below.)
  • Bring up the GOP alternative, which would weaken protections for those living with pre-existing conditions, leave millions more uninsured, and gut Medicaid funding.

And, as Obamacare continues to fall apart under its own weight, you can bet Republicans facing tough races are taking note.

There’s currently no GOP consensus on how to handle Obamacare moving ahead– but given what we saw earlier this year, it’s safe to say that repeal is off the table.

The Republican establishment is now going to tell voters the only option on the table is coming up with a fix.

And how do you fix an insolvent government program that’s falling apart? You throw money at it via bailouts.

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