‘Sexist’ Donald Trump empowers women in the White House

The Trump White house on Tuesday appointed 28-year-old former publicist Hope Hicks as its full-time communications director. Hicks’ appointment means the Trump White house is the first in history to employ an all female spin team.

Hicks will work alongside White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who replaced Sean Spicer in the post earlier this year, to deliver vital information from the Trump administration to the news media and the American public. Rounding out the female driven communications apparatus is White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, the first woman in U.S. history to run a successful presidential campaign.

In other words, if a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been the biggest leap for for women in the White House in U.S. history, the Trump administration is the next best thing.

Unfortunately, that’s not something the mainstream media is going to point out anytime soon.

And that’s easy to see. For example, when Sanders appeared on the daytime women’s interest program The View last week, she wasn’t asked about the significance of her holding such a major post within the Trump administration. She was instead criticized for working for a man the show’s liberal hosts believe is simply a racist, sexist liar.

That’s the liberal narrative, and they’ll stick to it.

But Sanders is excellent at her job– and she made sure to point out to the hosts the significance of her being named press secretary by the president.

“You often hear the line personnel is policy, you pointed out yourself that I’m the first working mother to ever hold this job,” she said. “To be empowered to be the spokesperson for the United States of America through the president, this is a big deal, that is a huge step forward and instead of liberals celebrating it, they attack me at every step.”

Hinting that Hicks would soon find herself named the permanent communications director, Sanders added: “He doesn’t just put milquetoast women around him, he puts strong, very outspoken women in very powerful positions and in the first time in history we also have a female communications director.

“You’ve never had a female press secretary and a female communications director, ever in the history of the White House and we do in this one.”

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