Girly men

The key to government power is gradualism. Anything can be accomplished by government over a long enough time period. People accept their conditioning over time no matter what it is. Even the most absurd of notions come to be accepted over a long enough time frame.

The principle of government is that political power is maximized by forcibly leveling every individual to the same status of conformity, collectivism, ecumenicalism and serfdom. And since that leveling cannot be accomplished by raising up the weakest, it must always be accomplished by reducing the strongest.

Most people were not aware, because it was done gradually, but erasing traditional sexual norms began a number of years ago.  It has been unofficial public policy in America for many years, as I told readers to The Bob Livingston Letter™ back in 2004, and repeated for Personal Liberty readers in 2008. The subtle, almost imperceptible move includes the substitution of the word “gender” – a grammatical term – for the word sex – a biological term – as a distinguishing descriptor for male or female.

The effect is to program the mind. It removes the biological component that distinguishes male from female and inserts an esoteric component that allows for the denial of reality and creation of an alternate reality.

When one suffers from anorexia, she (odds are it’s a female) looks in the mirror and sees herself as fat. It doesn’t matter what reality is; whether she is normal weight or rail thin. That person creates an alternate reality in her mind. Anorexia is a mental disorder. One seeking to help that person shrug off this false sense of self would not reinforce that unreality by telling her she is fat. Rather, one would help her seek treatment for it so she could begin to recognize she is not fat and is destroying her health.

Likewise, one who looks in the mirror and sees himself or herself as opposite of his or her biological sex is creating an alternate reality. It is a mental disorder and should not be coddled or reinforced. Nor should anyone else be forced into accepting that person’s alternate reality as reality.

So the “unofficial policy” in America is to feminize men in order to level the playing field for the sexes. This is also a plank of feminism — which is endorsed by both political policies — as the site explains: “Bottom line, the goal is homogenous: Feminism aims for gender equality within a currently patriarchal society.”

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