Obamacare non-repeal is the GOP’s top priority

The biggest topic of discussion on the political talk show circuit Sunday was the GOP establishment’s efforts to pass the Graham/Cassidy legislation to rewrite portions of Obamacare before the legislative vehicle party leaders are relying on to push the measure expires at the end of the month.

The GOP establishment is going to be working hard this week to ensure they can score the votes to ensure that the Graham/Cassidy Obamacare re-write currently on offer in the Senate can muster the support needed for passage.

White House legislative affairs director Marc Short on Sunday told Fox’s Chris Wallace he believes the bill will pass.

Sen, Lindsey Graham is similarly optimistic.

“I think we’re going to get the votes next week. We’re using the exact same process the Democrats did to pass ObamaCare. They complain about a process they used,” Graham said on ABC’s “This Week.”

The lawmaker added that he doesn’t think passage will come with the help of Democrats.

“They’re never going to give in to changing ObamaCare,” he said. “They’re going to single payer health care. There is no bipartisan solution to health care that fundamentally changes ObamaCare, because there are stakeholders for single payer health care.”

Passage also isn’t going to happen with Sen. Rand Paul’s help.

“Well I’ve always been a yes for repeal but the bill, unfortunately the Graham-Cassidy, basically keeps most of the ObamaCare spending,” Paul told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Paul added: “I’m just not for this block granting concept because to me that is an affirmative vote that I’ve agreed to keep ObamaCare.”

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