MSM: Trump and the National Anthem are both relics of white supremacy

Detroit Free Press editorial page director Stephen Henderson said Sunday that there isn’t any question that the President of the United States and the National Anthem both represent white supremacy. 

Henderson made the remark Sunday during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” as panel members discussed the president’s statements in Alabama Friday criticizing NFL players for taking a knee during the National Anthem.

Henderson said: “There is a pattern. I think it’s pretty clear, the annoyance on the part of a lot of African-Americans and people who want more racial justice is the apologists that continue to argue about whether this is a president who supports organizations of white supremacy.

“Let’s look at what  he said on Friday night in Alabama and how enthusiastically how he said it, that these people should be fired. Contrast that with what he said after he saw a bunch of white men with torches march Charlottesville. There are lots of fine people among those marchers, he said. Then put it into the policy context. This is a president whose attorney general has said, you know, we’re going to back off these consent agreements with police departments who are causing the very problem that people like Colin Kaepernick is protesting. You know, how can we continue to have an argument about whether this is a president who is pushing the idea of white supremacy?”

National Review’s Rich Lowry challenged the point, noting that Trump isn’t “randomly attacking these players. ”

“He is attacking them because they’re kneeling during the national anthem. And the national anthem is not a white supremacist symbol,” Lowry added.

Lowry was cut off by Henderson, who declared the National Anthem racist.

You think the national anthem is racist? ” asked Lowry. 

Henderson replied: “I think this is a country whose history is racist, whose history is steeped in white supremacy– and the anthem reflects that in its very words … verses we don’t sing anymore.”

And that’s the most important part of this whole stupid argument over the National Anthem… verses we don’t sing anymore.

You know what is happening right now? A murder epidemic in the nation’s inner cities.

Here’s one particularly disturbing report from Chicago’s Sun Times over the weekend:

Three men were shot to death and at least 36 other people were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday evening and Monday morning, marking a violent first weekend of the fall season.

After the latest spate of gun violence, 473 people have been shot dead in the city since the start of the year, according to data maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times. Friday marked the end of a violent summer season that left 184 people killed in city gun violence from June 21 to Sept. 21. The city has recorded at least 508 homicides so far in 2017.

That’s a lot of dead minorities.

So perhaps the most important conversation the nation ought to have isn’t about whether the nation has a racist past (it does), but about how we can reverse a bloody present and future for the disadvantaged people living in its poorest (and most heavily Democrat controlled) neighborhoods. None of those 508 dead people in Chicago would have been saved if the nation scrapped the National Anthem altogether. Though, some of them may have been saved if we’d scrapped the predatory political machines running their neighborhoods into the ground for so long.

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