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This week’s batch of must-read articles covers a wide range of topics and plenty of valuable advice. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. How to Secure Your Windows Against Mother Nature’s Fury

Whether you choose to hunker down or bug out, securing your windows in anticipation of an oncoming storm is an important step not to be missed. And what’s great about this article from Prepper’s Will is that several of these recommendations will increase your home’s security even when a hurricane isn’t bearing down on your town.

Click on the link above for four options to secure your windows against wind, rain, debris, even looters. Decide what works best for your home and put it into action — now.

2. In Devastated Dominica, “Hams” Become Vital Communications Link

After the unprecedented destruction wrought by back-to-back hurricanes tearing through the Caribbean, one tiny island has managed to get back on the grid in record time.

Amateur radio operators in Dominica are currently providing the country’s only reliable means of communication while power stations and cellular networks struggle to get back up and running. As ham radio enthusiast Michelle Guenard told NPR, “We know through these emergency situations that ham radio is the only way to get information when everything else goes down.”

But remember — you need a license to operate a ham radio. If you’re interested in getting one before the next big disaster hits, check out The National Association for Amateur Radio to see what’s entailed.

3. Tennessee Church Shooting Halted by “Extraordinarily Brave” Usher

Thanks to the heroic actions of 22-year-old Robert Caleb Engle, only one person was killed on Sunday in an attack at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ near Nashville, Tennessee.

Had Engle not acted so quickly and so selflessly, there undoubtedly would have been more victims. According to the report from BBC News, “Two pistols were recovered in the church and two more guns were found in [the shooter’s] car nearby.”

This incident is a good reminder of how important it is to MOVE as soon as an attack begins. Flight (getting off the “X”) and fight (as in Engel’s case) are both viable options. Freezing, however, is not.

As former SEAL sniper Cade Courtley warns us, “It’s bystanders who freeze who are added to the casualty toll. Do not freeze or burrow in — react and move immediately.”

4. There Is No Room for Error When the Lights Go Out

I read a sobering report on the state of Puerto Rico today: Some residents are preparing to go without power for up to a year. Imagine trying to rebuild your life without lights, refrigeration or running water. The conditions on the island have been described as nothing short of “apocalyptic.”

Whether in a disaster, self-defense or quick-response scenario, having both of your hands available to handle whatever situation you encounter can mean the difference between life and death. Why limit yourself to defending your family one-handed? Or trying to administer first aid without dropping your light source?

Click on the link above for the ultimate solution in hands-free survival gear. The SL5K Headlamp is perfect for emergency situations, self-defense, hunting, camping, hiking, roadside repairs and more. Be the first to claim yours here.

5. 11 Surprising Uses for Soap

I’ll be honest, I was actually surprised by some of these off-label uses for soap from the Homestead Survival Site — like using soap as deer repellent, a spackle alternative or a de-icing agent for your sidewalks and driveway. Plus, this post recommends exactly what kind of soap to buy for optimal results.

I find these kinds of articles extremely useful. Not only can they help you save money and time on any given day, but when the SHTF, you may need to get creative to make your supplies last — especially in a prolonged disaster situation if store shelves remain empty.

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Jason Hanson

Jason Hanson

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