Three new shows—Ghosted, Wisdom of the Crowd, and Ten Days in the Valley—Launch Monday: New at Reason

'Wisdom of the Crowd'Television critic Glenn Garvin reviews three shows that will be begging for your attention on Monday. Perhaps give Wisdom of the Crowd a miss:

For unintentional laughs, mixed with gasps of horror, give CBS' Wisdom of the Crowd a look. It's the latest of the network's manifestos cheerleading the use of information technology for totalitarian purposes. In Person of Interest, a tech zillionaire hijacks a government computer to identify (and deal unpleasantly with) people likely to commit crimes. In Bull, a hired-gun shrink uses information culled from social media to manipulate courtroom juries. Now we've got Wisdom of the Crowd, a reverse Ox-Bow Incident in which a cell-phone app helps craft more efficient lynch mobs.

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