Does Moore win signal a return to conservatism by Republicans?

First of all, banish from your mind that the Republican Party leadership — aka, the establishment — is or has ever been conservative. They are corporatists and statists. Another word for it is fascist.

They are cronies in bed with big business, Wall Street, the military-industrial complex and Zionism (aka Israel-firstism). Same for the Democrat leadership, except for them, throw in also Hollywood, labor unions and trial lawyers along with big business and Wall Street.

So when I speak about “Republicans” here, I’m talking about Republican voters and some of the Republican-voting pundit class.

The Republican Party elite once embraced conservatives into its ranks both as voters and candidates, even if they (the elites) had no interest in governing as conservatives. In doing so, they led astray great numbers of middle class Americans, especially Christians, patriots and other good folks. One of the greatest of all the culprits in this deception was George W. Bush and his “compassionate conservatism” followed by his “War on Terror,” which is a make-work scheme for the military-industrial complex, sop for the banksters, preservation of the petro-dollar and the Middle East hegemony of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Note that in a federal government dominated by a Republican majority whether under Bush or now Donald Trump — the federal leviathan grows in power, coupled together with New World Order. Note, too, that Republican-appointed judges continue to rule in favor of the state and the progressive agenda in almost all cases. Cases in point: Bush-nominated Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ruled in favor of Obamacare and Reagan-nominated Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy ruled in favor of gay “marriage.”

The Republican elite have abandoned any pretext of conservatism, choosing instead wars and big government, socialism and open borders.

Today’s Republican elite — what some of the Republican voting rank and file call Republicans in name only (RINOs) — are not conservative by any definition. They have by and large embraced neoconservatism.

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