Trump Is Behaving Like a Hostage Taker With Dreamers: New at Reason

Trump administration's list of border security demands released last week in exchange for legalizing Dreamers is less an honest negotiation tactic and more aImmigration Protest ransom note, writes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia. Trump effectively put a gun to the heads of Dreamers (who were brought to this country without authorization as children) when he announced that he'd scrap DACA—Obama's Deferred Deportation for Childhood Arrivals—within six months, giving Congress a small window to legalize them before he starts mass deporting.

And, then, instead of seeking a clean, standalone Dreamer bill, ultra-restrictionist White House aide Stephen Miller—working with ultra-restrictionist Republican Senator Tom Cotton—are using this issue to advance a sweeping restrictionist reform agenda.

But no right-thinking Congressional leaders should go along with their list of demands. If there were ever any reason to shutdown the government, stopping this obscene and expensive fiscal and moral chicanery would be it.

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