Powder Keg America: Should we expect violence from Antifa’s planned mass street protests?

Antifa protesters are set to take to the streets in cities throughout the nation this weekend to demand that the Trump administration be overthrown. The kickoff of the leftist “revolution” has some Americans wondering whether the mass protests could turn violent. Meanwhile, mainstream media is setting the tone to ensure that any violence is blamed on the right.

The group Refuse Fascism began hyping the protests earlier this year, asking supporters to take to the streets on Nov. 4 and continue protesting until Trump and his administration is dismantled.

From its website:

RefuseFascism.org is a movement of people coming from diverse perspectives, united in our recognition that the Trump/Pence Regime poses a catastrophic danger to humanity and the planet and that it is our responsibility to drive them from power. This means working and organizing with all our creativity and determination toward November 4 when many thousands of people will fill the streets of cities and towns, beginning a struggle that continues day after day and night after night, eventually involving millions of people, demanding: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Because of the group’s use of language suggesting that it wants American leftists to organize a revolution to overthrow the administration and its insistence that it won’t back down until its demands are met, many Americans have begun questioning just how far the protesters are willing to go. And, while Refuse Fascism itself hasn’t called for violence, at least a few people claiming association with Antifa have taken to social media to call for violence.

This week, Refuse Fascism took out a full page ad in The New York Times to drum up support for the event.

With what looks like a massive national protest with revolutionary ambitions on the horizon, some alternative media outlets on the right have begun warning readers that an army of leftists is planning a violent revolt against the Trump government.

That caught the attention of mainstream media, which is now reporting that right wingers with violent intentions are likely to show up at protests to start fights with the Antifa protesters.

Here’s one example, via Newsweek:

Members of Refuse Fascism, the nascent protest group behind Saturday’s rallies, have expressed concerns to Newsweek that the bizarre readings of the November 4 protests by those on the right could lead to real-life violence, like what transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, when anti-racist activist Heather Heyer was allegedly murdered by a white supremacist. In Austin, Texas, for example, local militias have threatened to show up to combat the antifa supersoldiers they believe are coming, according to social media posts and the accounts of Texas-based activists. To reiterate what has already been reported in Newsweek: Antifa (short for “antifascist”) is more of a style of protest targeting far-right groups than an outfit with any organizational hierarchy, according to academics and activists. Not only does “antifa” lack the capability or funding to breed supersoldiers, there is no organizational structure in place to order such a thing in the first place.

Andy Zee, a member of the advisory board for Refuse Fascism, said it was a mistake to portray the spiraling fake news stories about Saturday’s protests as a joke.

“It’s very dangerous and harmful to take these people as a joke,” Zee told Newsweek, noting the way the Reichstag fire, a false-flag operation blamed on leftists, was exploited by Nazi Germany to accelerate a fascist regime. “You have to take this stuff seriously because some of them really believe it.”

In other words, the narrative is set.

The massive Antifa event isn’t a threat by itself– but the false flag events provocateurs secretly backed by shady factions within the political and intelligence establishments certainly should be a matter of concern.

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