Trump: It’s time to end the visa lottery (video)

President Donald Trump on Wednesday said Congress must end the diversity visa lottery which allowed the man responsible for a terror attack in New York City this week into the country.

During a press conference, the president said is beginning the process of ending the diversity lottery today.

“I am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. I’m going to ask Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program,” Trump said. 

“Diversity lottery sounds nice– it’s not nice. It’s not good,” the president added. 

The diversity lottery is a program run by the State Department which allows as many as 50,000 people from countries throughout the world to enter the U.S.

Proponents of the program say it brings immigrants to the U.S. from countries that don’t send many people to America.

The New York City attacker, Sayfullo Saipov, is a 29-year-old Uzbek national in the U.S. under the State Department program.

Trump said his administration is committed to shifting away from such “chain migration” schemes in favor of merit based immigration.

“This man that came in, or whatever you want to call him, brought in with him other people,” Trump said, suggesting that Saipov helped as many as 23 other potential radicals into the U.S. after arriving. 

The president didn’t mince words in expressing his disgust for the attacker, referring to the immigrant as an “animal.”

In addition to ending the diversity visa program, the president called on Americans to abandon standards of political correctness which leave the nation vulnerable to attack. 

“We have to get much less politically correct. We’re so politically correct that we’re afraid to do anything,” Trump said. 

He added: “We have to get tough. We have to get smart. We have to do what’s right to protect our citizens. We will never waiver in the defense of our beloved country. Ever.”

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