Earlier this week, a racist hate group called the Latino Victory Fund proudly unveiled an ad targeting Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. The ad, conceived to boost Democrat candidate Ralph Northam, depicted a putty-faced dude in a pickup truck chasing a bunch of mid-to-darker-hued kids around a fairly nondescript neighborhood. The intended message was obvious: a vote for Gillespie means rednecks will turn your kids into road tacos. But it’s the unintended message which deserves your attention.

In suggesting that white people, specifically white Republicans, are prowling our streets in their Gadsden flag-adorned pickup trucks, hoping for their next chance to murder minority children, the perpetrators of the now-infamous spot tarred a rather sizeable group of people with a very stupid brush. Indeed, the implication of the ad, in which the assailant is as much a caricature of white conservatives as a Vaudeville performer in blackface, is pretty much black letter racism.

The ad was pulled Tuesday, although not because decency made a comeback amongst Democratic Party circles. In fact, not even the prospect of alienating the not-inconsiderable number of white, pickup truck-driving voters of Virginia scared the LVF straight. The George Soros-backed coterie not only refused to apologize for their blatant racism, they gave themselves a pat on the back. “We held a mirror up to the Republican Party,” crowed group fuhrer Cristobal Alex.

The reason the Democrat-aligned hate group tried to memory hole the screed (sorry kids, but the internet is forever): someone staged a live-action edition of the LVF’s “mirror” image. Just hours after the LVF proudly presented “Killer Rednecks on Wheels,” a Muslim infiltrator named Sayfullo Saipov  drove a truck into a crowd of people — including children — in lower Manhattan, killing eight and injuring a dozen more.

Forget the murderous fever-dreams of fictional white guys. What Saipov did is straight out of the Islamofascist playbook. Given the fact that the ISIS-linked attack is a replay of scenes we’ve been forced to witness across the Western world, it isn’t hard to guess where LVF got the idea. Given the fact that they remained unapologetic after smearing their “American Nightmare” across the blogosphere, it’s equally easy to see just how twisted the Democrats have become.

There are monsters trolling our streets, my friends. And they would dearly love to add us all to their ever-growing body count. But rather than focus on the very real — and unabashedly declared — threat of Muslims turning trucks into weapons of mass destruction, leftist groups like the Latino Victory Fund choose to invent bogeymen and then assign their malice to completely blameless people. If our liberal friends are more afraid of what imaginary white conservatives might do — instead of what real terrorists have done — we are less safe than ever.

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