Columbia Student Group Clash: New at Reason

Columbia University's Black Students' Organization thinks the College Republicans' choice of guest speakers ought to cancel its status as a campus organization entitled to funding from student fees, a pool to which those young Republicans contribute, Lindsay Marchello writes.

The BSO and the CCSC at Columbia seem similarly interested in allocating funds based on popular opinion. Clearly the opinions of the College Republicans are not in vogue. "When you attempt to intellectualize the fruitfulness of literal hate speech, you dehumanize your peers," according to the BSO proposal.

But what if the tides turn on campus and suddenly BSO's viewpoints were considered too dangerous to fund? Censoring College Republicans through the budget sets a dangerous precedent for how the university funds student organizations, several of which are currently led by students who wrongly assume the status quo will never change.

This isn't the only reason to reject this proposal. BSO's entire argument is predicated on the idea that speech is violence—a specious concept in its own right.

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