Democratic Party terrorists

The left’s continual blathering about the non-existent threat of right wing “fascism” in the United States is little more than an attempt to conceal a growing and very real terror threat within its ranks.

Conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh drew attention to the issue Tuesday, lambasting leftists for encouraging violence throughout the nation as the answer to political disagreement.

Citing the recent spate of high profile violence, including the attacks in Las Vegas, New York and Texas in recent weeks, Limbaugh pointed to “vile, repulsive, just raw rage and anger that is on display daily on social media” as a contributing factor in encouraging domestic terror.

“Terrorists do not always just come from Uzbekistan,” Limbaugh told his audience. “They don’t just come from Afghanistan. They don’t just come from al Qaida. Sometimes, terrorists come straight from the Democrat Party, straight from the American left.”

The radio star noted Sen. Rand Paul’s recent assault, rolling threats against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the shooting attack on congressional Republicans earlier this year as just a few examples of the leftist terror that’s becoming a growing problem in the United States.

“It is more than obvious that the left is encouraging their followers to be vile, aggressive, abusive and dangerous. There’s no question about it. The left is encouraging this kind of activity,” he said.

Limbaugh also noted that the anti-Trump, anti-police and anti-nationalist protests which have become a fact of American life have the media and political establishments’ blessing.

“Wherever you see a public riot, wherever you see any public riot with violence in response to Trump, all of this is applauded,” he said.

“And in the drive-by media, while it may not all be applauded, it is certainly treated with respect.”

Limbaugh’s right that leftist ideology is increasingly to blame for violent outbursts and attacks in the U.S.– but his warning doesn’t do justice the most frightening aspects of the leftist terror threat.

Late last month Edward Klein, former editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine, released a book detailing leftist ties to sinister international terror organizations like the Islamic State and al-Qaida.

The book, All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, provides details of a secret FBI investigation into U.S.-based radicals who met with Islamic terror leaders during the G20 summit in Hamburg last summer.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Now that the bureau has determined they have followers in the radical U.S. resistance movement in the United States, it is clear there will be additional violence in the attacks on law enforcement and U.S. institutions, including banks.

“Ties between three key leaders of the Oakland group [names redacted] met in Hamburg with a leader of the AQAP [Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] and the AQIM [Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb],’ the report continued. ‘The leader from AQAP is an Egyptian-born male [name redacted] who is known to be in charge of finances and recruiting for the group.

“There is evidence from informants that he is helping the Oakland group acquire the weapons they are seeking, primarily bomb making equipment and toxic chemicals and gasses.

“One of the men from Oakland traveled to Syria to meet with ISIS; the purpose was for training in tactics, but was thought to be primarily a bonding visit to discuss possible massive disruptive attacks in the U.S.

“While in Hamburg, several of the Oakland-based criminals were photographed throwing Molotov cocktails and wielding iron bars, which have been their weapons of choice, though they are almost certainly on the verge of upping the caliber of their weaponry for use in the U.S.

“Despite having their faces covered by masks, they were positively identified.

“This group and their connections with the radical Islamic groups must be disrupted and destroyed.”

Klein goes on to discus how leftist radical groups within the U.S. grew massively and quietly during the Obama administration, putting the Trump Justice Department at a serious disadvantage in protecting Americans from leftist attacks.

From his book:

“The FBI is really playing catchup ball, because the Obama administration refused to give the bureau the resources it needed to effectively infiltrate and surveil the radical groups on college campuses,’ the source continued.

“Any talk of a connection between radical Islam—a phrase the Obama people wouldn’t even use—and American extremists was pretty much laughed off. [Former Attorney General] Loretta Lynch would have blown a gasket if she heard that the FBI was surveilling so-called college political organizations.

“All that has changed under the Trump administration. Everyone’s aware that the resistance movement, with its effort to get rid of Trump by any means necessary, has created fertile soil for ISIS and al Qaeda to establish a beachhead in America.”

And the charge certainly makes sense given the former president’s sympathies for Islamists and the violent leftist organizations that grew out of the 1960s and 1970s. Remember that Obama began the political journey that would eventually lead to the White House all the way back in 1995, when Weather Underground terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn held a fundraiser for the then Illinois Senate hopeful.

The mainstream media scoffed at conservative concern over the mass street protests leftists planned last weekend to demand Trump’s removal from the White House. And, admittedly, those protests largely turned out to be a collection of non-events. But it’s probably not a good idea to take that as a sign that the leftist threat is nonexistent.

In the years ahead, the scale and frequency of left wing violence will increase. There will be a jump when Robert Mueller’s FBI charade falls apart, making it clear that Trump isn’t going to be impeached. And as the nation’s frustrated victim class further realizes that the culture war Obama nurtured will whither and die as the Trump administration focuses on the economy rather than bathroom policy, leftist rage and violence will snowball. Much of the threat will go unnoticed as pockets of leftist extremism become a movement… and then an attempted revolution. And mainstream media will continue ignoring themes of leftist violence right up until the moment combatants seize their means of production at gun point. Why? Because just as Hillary Clinton couldn’t lose, the American left can do no wrong.

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