MSNBC host perfectly sums up the problem with MSM’s reckless Trump coverage

President Donald Trump’s ugly American moment in Japan, where the mainstream media confirmed that he overfed some fish at Akasaka Palace, was the stuff mainstream journalists dream about these days. Yet another example of why the president is a buffoon. Too bad it never really happened.

By now you’ve probably seen the picture of Trump standing alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with an overturned box of fish food in hand.

Here’s a CNN breaking news correspondent:

The picture  is a screenshot mainstream media selectively grabbed of the two leaders’ shared time beside the koi pond. You know, to capture the essence  of the moment. Or, it would be more accurate to say, to copy what mainstream media wanted Americans to believe about the moment: That Trump is a big dummy who has as little disregard for fish lives as he does liberal social justice efforts.

As uncut footage of the moment began making its way around the internet, several mainstream outlets were forced to issue corrections on what should have never been a story in the first place.

But that’s just the nature of media coverage in the era of Trump.

This week marks a year since the Trump electoral victory mainstream media said would never happened, here’s how Newsweek commemorated:

You can check if you like, or you can trust me that there wasn’t a single serious criticism of the president in the entire piece. It was totally made up of misstatements Trump made, things he said that weren’t quite politically correct and minor awkward social  snafus.

This is the media in the age of Trump.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur, in a recent episode of Recode Decode, became one of the few members of the national press to admit that there’s a serious problem with Trump coverage this week.

“Everyone needs to tone it the F down, just tone it down,” Tur said. “Bring down the volume. If we’re all loud about everything, nothing penetrates.”

If the press constantly criticizes Trump for petty reasons, there’s no way most of the country will listen in the event that media actually does find something serious to discuss about his administration.

“We’re all facing big dangers when it comes to our sovereignty, our elections, our democratic process,” Tur added. “We have a foreign power that’s trying to manipulate us. We need to focus on that, that is a huge story. You can’t let that keep happening.”

And, though it probably wasn’t her intention, Tur makes an excellent point: The national media has a lot of ground to cover in regaining American trust.

There’ll have to be a mea culpa for shamelessly working as an arm of the Clinton campaign. There’ll need to be some reports which definitively clear up all this confusion about Russia– maybe even with sources that didn’t come from the Clinton campaign this time around. There’ll need to be a serious journalistic investigation into the recent revelations out from Donna Brazille which suggest the real corruption was over at the DNC in last year’s election.

Of course, if you were working with some sort of agenda which doesn’t work so well with revealing truths on those matters, it probably would be safer to continue posting pictures of the president feeding some fish.

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