Buyer’s remorse? Nope!

Polls show that a majority of President Donald Trump’s election supporters would vote for the president again today if given the opportunity– they’re also pretty optimistic about the future.

According to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll out the week of Trump’s 1 year anniversary in office, 82 percent of Americans who voted for the president would do it again. A slightly lower number of Clinton voters, 78 percent, said they’d again support the Democrat loser.

POLITICO reports that the poll is good news for Trump, if he can maintain momentum:

Trump’s supporters have largely rallied around the president, despite his poor overall approval ratings, the chaos of his first year in office and the ongoing investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

But there are worrying signs for Trump that voters are less inclined to give him a second term three years from now if he decides to run for reelection.

Those red flags go beyond the natural, downward trajectory of most new presidents. Like Trump, Barack Obama and George W. Bush saw their parties lose governorships in both New Jersey and Virginia the year after their first elections as president. But both Obama and Bush had job-approval ratings over 50 percent at this point.

For Trump, the key to guaranteeing that support will be in his ability to deliver on economic promises and maintain the level of economic confidence his administration has already inspired.

A Pew Research report shows that Americans are confident that the job market is growing.

From the report:

Since June 2016, the share saying plenty of jobs are available has increased seven percentage points, from 43% to 50%, with virtually all of the change coming among Republicans. Yet in both parties, perceptions of the local job situation are much more positive today than they were three or four years ago.

Still, the president has work to do on economic growth as Pew reports 49 percent of respondents its recent survey believe “their family’s income is falling behind the cost of living.”

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