Control THIS, gun grabbers!

The gun-grabbers could have gone completely squirrel-monkey insane. Following the carnage which unfolded in Sutherland Springs, Texas, they could have turned the victims into sock-puppets for their gleeful virtue-signaling. They could have responded to Devin Patrick Kelley’s evasion of the myriad laws designed to prevent his atrocity by immediately demanding all sorts of restrictions which would not only have failed to prevent it, but will fail to prevent any future such crimes. They could even have staged shrieking photo-ops in which they blamed people who had nothing to do with it. Instead, they — well — that’s pretty much exactly what they did.

Departing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is teaming up with New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich to introduce a bill to restrict the ability of people convicted of domestic assault to avail themselves of firearms. Maybe Flake can spend his impending retirement learning about the Gun Control Act of 1968 and “Lautenburg Amendment” of 1996, both of which specifically address possession of firearms by domestic violence offenders. One law wasn’t enough to stop evil people from doing evil things; so they gave us two. Double-secret probation didn’t deter Kelley, but Flake and Heinrich apparently believe the third time’s a charm.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has fallen on her face over firearms so many times she can almost see out the back of her own head, re-re-re-re-re-introduced a version of her quixotic quest to ban “assault weapons,” bar possession of “high-capacity magazines” and drop the hammer on more than half of the stuff in my gun safe. Given that Kelley blew past a host of laws on his way to Sunderland Springs, I’m guessing Ol’ DiFi’s demands might not have slowed him down much. Even if they had, he could have traded in his rifle for a box truck, to which access is far simpler.

USA Today broke all the overblown left-wing rhetoric awards when they put together an “expose” of the Ruger 556 allegedly employed by Kelley, and they included a “chainsaw bayonet” on the list of accessories available for the platform. Far be it for me to suggest “Gears of War” isn’t the best resource for firearms research, but how’s about someone at the “McPaper” hit up Google after their kids are done with the Xbox? And should we discuss the mechanics of bolting a 10 pound accessory to your picatinny rail? How can (not all) moms demand “gun sense” when they know as much about the topic as I do about the process they use to make Nancy Pelosi look human?

None of these brave warriors for social justice bothered to mention how Kelley’s freak show ended in the validation of nearly every pro-Bill of Rights trope in existence. Someone heard the incident in progress, armed himself with an AR and ran to the rescue. When the police were minutes away, Stephen Willeford, with an assist from another good guy named Johnnie Langendorff, made the seconds count. Two good guys with guns stopped a bad guy with a gun. Willeford is even an NRA certified instructor, a card-carrying member of the very organization most of the gun-grabby types blamed for Sutherland Springs.

Of course, all the anti-liberty crowd’s ideas on how to prevent future “gun violence” hinge on the intervention of a robust government enforcement apparatus. That’s the same government enforcement apparatus which actively failed to prevent Kelley’s rampage. The U.S. Air Force fumbled the ball on tacking the domestic violence incident to Kelley’s bad conduct discharge. But sure, let’s lean even harder on the feds. Better luck next time, right kids? Of course, they said that after the government enforcement apparatus tied its shoes together in Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando and Fort Hood. Put aside the government’s checkered past with turning expanded authority over citizens’ essential rights into minor shooting wars; check out the government’s checkered past with turning their current authority over citizens’ essential rights into Three Stooges outtakes.

It’s worth noting that places in the United States which aspire to heavy-handed “gun control” also sport “gun violence” levels to rival some of the “shootier” parts of the Third World. And the countries from which smarmy Eurotrash like to sneer at us about our parochial beliefs get to contend with bombings, truck attacks, machete-swinging savages and “rape-fugees” by the thousands. Yippee. England has less “gun crime.”  I’m sure that’ll bring closure to the parents of the little girls turned into human toothpaste by one of Muhammad’s best and brightest.

You kids go have your “common sense gun control debates.” While you’re doing that, I’m going to continue with my own “common sense gun control.” I carry a common sense gun, over which I exercise control at all times. Might not save me from some lunatic terrorist, but it definitely improves the odds better than Dianne Feinstein and/or a “chainsaw bayonet.”

— Ben Crystal

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