Cultural Appropriation Means Never Having to Say You’re Sari

Among the more ridiculous ideas that has emerged from the modern left is "cultural appropriation" which considers it racism for one culture to Sari Shopborrow elements from other cultures. They have slammed Katy Perry for sporting cornrows, white restaurant owners for cooking ethnic cuisine, and of course, libertarian novelist Lionel Shriver for wearing a sombrero.

Shriver's crusade is something of a cause celeb at Reason, which hosted an event in New York in September where guests were invited to dress cutout Shriver dolls in various costumes. This sent the joyless editors at The New Republic into paroxysms of self-righteous rage.

And if they were watching the Kennedy show last night, their pursed lips would have surely melded never to come undone as Kennedy and I engaged in some shameless mutual cultural appropriation. She stepped out of her black dress and donned my red Indian sari—with traditional jewelry and a bindi to boot. I stepped out of my sari and into a black pantsuit.