Nuts to Bush, Part 2

The mainstream media celebrated as a new book came out in which the two former Presidents Bush, George H.W. and George W., criticized Donald Trump, with Bush the Elder calling Trump a “blowhard” who is “driven by a certain ego.” As if there are no egos in the Bush clan.

In the book “The Last Republicans,” written by spokespuppet for the globalists Mark K. Updegrove, Bush admits to having voted for Hillary Clinton whereas his son, George W., said he voted for “none of the above.” Bush II also told the author he first thought Donald Trump’s presidency wouldn’t last, then worried that he himself would prove to be “the last Republican president.”

Speaking to CNN, Updegrove said: “If you look at the Bush family, it makes perfect sense. Donald Trump is everything that the Bush family is not. George Bush grew up thinking about the greater good. Donald Trump is manifestly narcissistic. It’s part of his brand. And that brand is the antithesis of the Bush brand.”

But the “greater good” the Bush family grew up thinking about and working for was the greater good of the globalists and banksters, not Americans. The Bushes – and Hillary and former President Bill – have long and deep roots in the Council on Foreign Relations and were water carriers for the international banksters. Remember that Bush II, to justify saving the very banks that created the 2008 financial crisis in the first place, in a classic case of newspeak famously said, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.”

And that’s why Republicans voted for Trump, not a third version of Bush politics via low-energy Jeb! in the primary. And that’s why voters elected Trump over Bush BFF Hillary, the Witch from Chappaqua.

And given the last two pre-Trump Republican presidents – that would be the two Bushes – it would be fitting and good for the country if they were indeed the last Republicans, if by that they mean their brand of Republicanism which means foreign wars on behalf of Israel and Saudi Arabia, bankster bailouts and crony capitalism.

We told you last September that Bush the Elder was voting for SHillary. His plan was revealed by a another member of the global elite, Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy.

The legacy of the Bushes is a Middle East war that is now 26 years old and has no end in sight. In fact, it’s about to expand exponentially, as I deal with in Monday’s column. Bush the Elder started it – the shooting war part of it, anyway – in January 1991 and Bush II jump-started it in 2001. It’s Bush the Elder’s meddling and stationing of troops in Saudi Arabia that prompted former CIA operative Osama bin Laden to launch the 9/11 attack, if you believe bin Laden’s pronouncements and the official story.

It’s telling that neither Bush had anything negative to say about Barack Obama for eight-plus years, whose domestic policies were ostensibly anathema to Bush Republicanism, but they have a lot of critical remarks about Trump, whose domestic policies align with Bush Republicanism.

So what gives?

It’s clear that Trump isn’t part of the globalist cabal like Hillary was, as was Obama before her. Bush has much more in common with Hillary and her globalist pals than he does the American people, for whom he holds disdain.

As we told you in “Nuts to Bush,” both the Bushes and Hillary hold great disdain for the people of America (and “common people” around the globe), seeing them as pawns to be used and tossed aside in the quest for New World Order. They advocate for the suppression of human liberty via government power and subterfuge. They have enriched themselves beyond measure off the system courtesy of their globalist connections.

The “Nuts to Bush” headline stems from a commonly-used Bush disparagement directed at those who reveal his conspiratorial connections: he simply says they’re “nuts.”

And the Bushes’ support of Clinton and their lack of criticism for Obama is iron-clad evidence there is no difference between the two political parties. In truth, the only two parties are the establishment elites on the one hand and the people on the other.

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