Cynical Bill Shows Why Public-Sector Abuses Are Rampant: New at Reason

Whenever I write about some of the absurd benefits and gamesmanship that flourish within California's public sector, people write back in disbelief. They have no idea the many special payments and protections afforded to the state's government employees—the types of things that virtually no one in the private sector would expect to receive.

I'm not referring to the generous retirement plans, which allow "public safety" workers to retire at age 50 with 90 percent or more of their final three years' pay and many miscellaneous employees to retire at age 57 with 82 percent of their pay. Or the Cadillac-style medical benefits.

Many people know about those things, especially given the state's growing pension debt and the "crowding out" of public services caused by these unsustainably costly programs. But what about the bizarre stuff that somehow has become law, writes Steven Greenhut.

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