Ohio Supreme Court Justice Brags on Facebook About Having Sex With “Very Attractive Females”, The Nazis Loved Decaf, and California Unveils New Pot Regulations: P.M. Links

  • pipelineThe Keystone pipeline leaked, spilling 5,000 gallons of oil near the small South Dakota town of Amherst.
  • White House Legislative Director Marc Short assures the nation that there is no hypocrisy involved in President Donald Trump's condemnation of Al Franken for groping a woman.
  • Added to the the long list of Nazi atrocities is their advocacy of decaf coffee.
  • Ohio Supreme Court Justice and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill O'Neil has decided to get out in front of any sexual assault allegations by saying on Facebook that he has had sex with roughly 50 "very attractive females."
  • California has announced emergency regulations for its recreational marijuana market.