‘Take-A-Knee’ counter-protesting Burroughs High School falls in championship game

The tiny California Division 9 Burroughs High School Burros football team lost their championship game Friday after stringing together an unlikely winning streak that began after initiating a unique pro-America pre-game ceremony to counter the NFL’s anthem protestors.

Back in October the Burros team initiated its own response to the nationwide “Take-A-Knee” movement by having each player carry an American flag onto the field. The team then sang Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American” just before the home team band played the National Anthem.

That new pre-game ceremony was accompanied by an unlikely run of victories by the team that propelled it to the championship game against the Aquinas Falcons.

In the championship game, the public school Burros held their much larger private school opponents — a school which benefits from unrestricted recruiting — to a single touchdown in the first half before eventually falling 24-6 to the Falcons.

The Burros (in gray) were much smaller than the Falcons.

However much like the Burros unifying pre-game salute the Falcons too exercised a positive and unifying ceremony where the team’s trainers and coaches “took knees” on the 50 yard line in conducting a circular prayer ceremony.


The Falcons’ coaching staff held a pre-game prayer at midfield prior to the game.

The Burros’ amazing patriotic run was covered as a performance counter-example to the NFL-protest based theory called Self-Inflicted Degradation of Performance Syndrome (SIDOPS), which sees teams that “take-a-knee” before a game under-perform in all cases.

You can watch the Burros run onto the field with their flags in this video.

— Andre Billeaudeaux

Andre Billeaudeaux is a retired military journalist and strategist and has published extensively on topics centered on social science, national identity, psychology, politics and history.  He studied psychology under Dr. Phil Zimbardo of Stanford and currently serves as the Executive Director of the Native American Guardian’s Association.



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