The Seven Most Frequently Mispronounced Dishes, Revealed

You might have the palette of a discerning diner, but what do you do if you can’t pronounce the items on the menu?

Thankfully, FEMAIL is here to help.

Language learning app, Babbel, has compiled a list of the seven most commonly-mispronounced items on a menu, revealing the correct way to say each.

So how many do you get right?

1. Take the bruschetta, followed by a serve of gnocchi:

They’re popular in Italian cuisine and eateries around the world, and while many people will be partial to ordering bruschetta – or crispy grilled bread topped with garlic and drizzled with olive oil – not so many can say it.

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According to Babbel, it’s pronounced broo-SKEH-tah, rather than the oft-used broo-SCHE-tah.

Meanwhile, gnocchi – often served as a main dish with tomato sauce – is pronounced NYOH-kee.

2. A Caipirinha please!:

This tongue-twister is not only a popular alcoholic beverage, but also the national cocktail of Brazil.

And while a Cairpirinha is now popularly customised to your taste by adding the liquor of your choice, the original mix consists of cachaça (a distilled sugarcane spirit) sugar and lime.

How do you pronounce it, though? Kai-pee-REEN-ya is correct, say Babbel.

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