Title IX and the Yale Baller: New at Reason

Yale University is hanging onto the transcript of Jack Montague, former captain of the men's basketball team, whose lawsuit alleges the school's Title IX administrators pressured another student into filing a sexual assault complaint against him, Liz Wolfe writes.

Gleason told Roe Montague had "already been referred for SHARE training after a previous complaint against him," which "either directly told Roe or clearly implied to Roe that the previous complaint against Montague was also a complaint of sexual assault."

It's likely this knowledge compelled Roe to come forward. As Roe explained in one of the proceedings, the situation had been "reframed" by Gleason, and that her "perspective broadened after [her] conversation with Angie [Gleason], as [she] began to think about the other people on this campus and how [her] choosing to remain silent on this matter could harm them."

However believable the facts, victims should not be pressured by school administrators to file cases if they don't want to. Nor should administrators attempt to manipulate unsuspecting students, or mislead them into thinking their alleged perpetrator or sexual partner is a serial rapist.

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