The year politics became a drag

If you feel like 2017 was the year that politics in the United States went from simply headache-inducing to total nonsense, you aren’t alone.

Calling 2017 “the year politics became a drag” is unfair to 2017.

It started long before the first day of the year.

But as long as you’ve been reading about politics, you already know.

This year was certainly a doozy, though, for the routine political watcher.

There was the spectacle of the 2016 presidential election– the former first lady of a disgraced president running against a reality television star.

The reality television star won.

And then, for more than a year, the disgraced president’s wife refused to accept the outcome.

That happened even after she said it would be terrifying for the election loser to refuse to concede.

So, with a president who is improving the economy in the Oval Office– Americans spend their days learning about how he can’t be the president.

Because the former first lady learned how to manipulate the press back in the 1990’s.

It’s not happening because the current president’s only qualifications were inherited wealth and business luck in his father’s town,

Hillary Clinton and the national press want Americans to worry because he, or someone he knows, might have talked to a Russian one time.

Even though the Cold War “ended” back in the 1990’s.

If you’re following along, it might be a fine time to stop.

Politics is a drag now.

Take care of your family.

Take care of your health.

Learn the skills you need to function without the comforts of modern society.

Because the sore losers aren’t going anywhere.

They refuse to lose.

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