Mideast boondoggle to enter a new era

President Donald Trump released a new national security plan on Monday which reverses much of the Obama doctrine. Central to the Trump plan is taking the fight to terrorists in the Middle East. You know, so we don’t have to fight them here.

The Trump plan can only be responsibly described as an unimaginative re-start of the Bush Doctrine responsible for setting the Middle Eastern world on fire decades ago when George H.W. Bush first allowed Dick Cheney to sharpen his foreign policy fangs on unsuspecting people across the world.

When the senior Bush lost his second election to Bill Clinton, the Bush Doctrine faded ever so slightly. But it never went away.

And then the Bush Dynasty re-entered power with the election of George W. Bush, fully engaging the world in Middle Eastern affairs once again.

Never forget how Bush the younger wanted so badly the opportunity to blame the 9-11 terror attacks on his father’s old foe Saddam Hussein.

After the U.S. tore apart Afghanistan in search of the terrorists we were all told were responsible for the 9-11 attacks, Bush saw his opportunity to jump into Iraq. And so he told us they had scary weapons of mass destruction.

We never saw the weapons. And we never saw Osama bin Laden’s corpse.

But we’ve been told we’re all safer now.

Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House marked another cooling period for the Bush Doctrine. Not because his administration actually followed through on promises to disengage the U.S. from Mideast fighting– but because the blood opportunists he worked for had other interests in touching up U.S. hegemony by meddling in the affairs of the Libyan and Syrian people.

Trump pointed all of this out during his campaign for president, questioning why the U.S. would continue expending military energy in places where we have nothing to gain.

But he’s now changed his tune.

Today’s Trump is just another guy in the White House warning us all about a faceless and totally amorphous band of terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and Syria.

At this point, the fine details of the plan don’t really matter all that much– only that, yes, American soldiers and military equipment will be remaining in the Mideast indefinitely.

We’re going to arm some “good guys,” blow up some bad ones, help to displace a whole lot of people and keep talking about what a shame it is these folks don’t realize how nice it would be to have a McDonald’s on every corner.

No matter how many “leaders” you never heard of we kill, more will rise up to take their place.

And radicalization will continue. And so will terror attacks.

It almost seems like there was a reason the guys who set this whole thing up wanted us to stay home, be farmers and point the guns outward.

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