Yes, there is a shadow government

New documents released from the FBI reveal that shadow government officials working for the State Department under John Kerry conspired to help Hillary Clinton avoid serious consequences for her mishandling of classified documents.

New documents released in the FBI Vault, the agency’s FOIA repository, reveal that Kerry’s Deputy Secretary of State, Patrick F. Kennedy, changed dozens of emails contained on Clinton’s private server from “classified” to “unclassified” to lessen scrutiny on the former secretary of state.

As reported by Infowars:

Reading the FBI source documents make clear that Kennedy was determined to recruit not only the FBI but the CIA and other intelligence agencies to engage in a “quid pro quo” cover-up scheme aimed at hiding the truth that Clinton did transmit classified State Department documents over her private unsecured email server.

The FBI source documents make clear the FBI had evidence suggesting Clinton had committed criminal violations of national security laws regarding her transmitting of State Department classified information over her unsecured private email server in July 2015 – a year and a half before the Nov. 2016 presidential election – information that had it been made public at that time most likely would have derailed Clinton’s bid to win the DNC’s presidential nomination.

The entire analysis is definitely worth a read. 

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