Does Every Vote Count?: New at Reason

Gerrymandering can make close elections more or less likely.

A. Barton Hinkle writes:

"Now we can say with certainty: Every vote counts," declared Ralph Northam, Virginia's Democratic governor-elect, last week. He was referring to the still-disputed contest for the 94th district in Virginia's House of Delegates.

After a recount, Democrat Shelly Simonds appeared to have won the race by a single vote. Then a three-judge panel awarded a disputed ballot to Republican David Yancey. The race is now tied, at least for the time being. If Simonds prevails, Democrats will gain a 50th seat in the House—forcing Republicans into a power-sharing arrangement.

Thus control of the House hangs on a single ballot. Little wonder that Northam says every vote counts—or that plenty of others agree

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