Trump’s 2020 Odds, and the Libertarian Party’s: New at Reason

Happy New Year! Are you ready for 2020?

John Stossel writes:

President Trump is up 3 percent!

I refer to the betting odds. Gamblers (mostly in Europe because political bets are legal there) now give the president a 53 percent chance of finishing his first term.

That's it—they barely think he'll complete four years. This must seem wrong to Trump supporters, but when Trump won the presidency, the odds were significantly lower -- many people thought he wouldn't finish one term.

"He can't take the criticism! He'll get mad and quit! He'll get bored and quit! He'll return to making money! He'll be impeached! Assassinated! He'll get so angry that he has a stroke!"

I live in New York City, so I heard (and hear) all that and more.

Still, I thought the people saying he'd be gone in less than four years were wrong. So, I took bets from friends. So far, it looks like I'm winning.

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