Nikki Haley for president? Please, no…

If you’ve been paying attention to the punditry chatter lately, you’ve likely heard once or twice that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley would make an excellent president. If this is were a text message, I’d now use a barf emoji.

Last week, Ben Crystal gave you a few reasons to be happy for Haley.

He wrote:

Show me another woman who makes spokesholes for Islamofascist, communist and/or terrorist regimes cower like “Pajama Boy” in a biker bar, who isn’t the cause celebre for every left wing hate group from the (not all) Women’s March to Anna Wintour’s cocktail parties. Name another lady who can stare down a sausage fest like the United Nations Security Council without getting at least a “you go, girlfriend!” from the anti-lifers at Planned Parenthood. Imagine another female who can tell the East River bro-down that when they get their bvd’s in a bunch over the U.S. decision to put our embassies wherever the hell we want “(T)he U.S. will be taking names” and still not get a nod from The National Organization for Women.

Whatever your feelings about Israel, Ambassador Haley is here for none of it from the boys’ club.  When the U.N. pitched their little Palestinian tantrum, Haley put them in time out, and she did it like a boss.

But for libertarian-leaning conservatives, Haley also comes with a few major problems.

She’s definitely politically ambitious and she seems to believe her quickest way up the ladder is following the same tired foreign policy doctrine neocons have been using for years.

If you need proof, just keep an eye on what she’s saying about Iran.

“The Iranian dictatorship is trying to do what it always does, which is to say that the protests were designed by enemies. We all know that is complete nonsense,” Haley said on Tuesday.

 The UN ambassador said last week that Iran is “on notice.”
How long has the U.S. neocon class been dying to attack Iran? Haley, it seems, is going to lead the charge to actually getting it done from the UN.

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