With FEMA’s Downfall, Self-Reliance Becomes More Important Than Ever

For years now, we at 4Patriots have been telling people they need to become self-sufficient.

We’ve repeatedly said that relying on FEMA is not a good option. Because you could end up in a place like the New Orleans Superdome during a hurricane. A place where conditions are cramped. And dirty. And dangerous.

Well, as it turns out, you might not even have that option anymore. If a disaster strikes and you haven’t learned how to be self-reliant, you might have to fend for yourself out on the streets.

Why? Because as CNN reports, FEMA is broke. And broken.

CNN: Americans Can’t Rely on Federal Help

Listen to these words. They don’t come from 4Patriots, although we’ve said similar things many times.

No, these words come from CNN. Are you ready? Here they are:

“Americans can’t rely on a federal cavalry when disaster strikes. They will have to take care of themselves.”

Wow! The mainstream media has finally caught on to what we have been proclaiming for years. Self-sufficiency is the only way to live.

Poor Solution Getting Poorer

Why is FEMA broke? And why is the system broken?

For one thing, it was never that great to begin with. There were always many flaws with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

But at the very least, they would usually provide an indoor place to go when weather conditions were deadly outdoors.

That place might be crowded. It might smell bad. It might have too many unstable people in it. But if you kept your wits about you, you could probably survive in there until the outdoors became livable again.

Now? Maybe not so much.

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