Mr. Jorge’s wild (and illegal) ride

Tragedy struck Monday afternoon in Detroit. An innocent man was dragged from his home, ripped from the loving embrace of his family and hurled out of the country by stormtroopers serving a fascist government bent on punishing good people to benefit bad. As his family, and a crowd of onlookers wept openly, Jorge Garcia was stuffed onto an outbound plane, a victim of President Donald Trump’s war on Americans.

At least that’s how the Democrats tell the story. In reality, Jorge Garcia is a criminal, and after 30 years on the lam, the law finally caught up to him. See, Jorge wasn’t just a kindly landscaper from Lincoln Park. Jorge was an illegal alien. He and his family aren’t victims of stormtroopers, a fascist government or President Donald Trump.

If Jorge and his supporters are looking for people to blame, they should probably start with the guy in Jorge’s mirror. After all, not only did Jorge avoid adding “get right with ICE” to the sizeable list of things he had time to do over three decades, he did so at the cost of ensnaring his wife and children in his web. Authorities ordered Garcia to hit the bricks in 2009, but he relied on repeated stays of enforcement to keep his feet on this side of the Rio Grande. Even his wife admitted they only began actively seeking a remedy in 2005, nearly 20 years after he first arrived, and only four years before immigration authorities came a-knockin’. His wife now says she’s worried it could take up to 10 years before he’s able to return from his home. If he had abided by the 2009 ruling, he’d be less than a year from a potential, legal return. His choice to try and game the system might have added another decade to his troubles. While his apologists rage at Trump, it’s worth noting Trump was still hosting a game show when Jorge decided to openly flout the law.

But he’s not the only one who deserves to take a bite out of the blame burrito. The family member who brought Jorge on a surreptitious jaunt across our southern frontier 30 years ago deserves a chapter in his story. While the pro-amnesty agitators won’t admit it, the people who drag little Jorges and Juanitas into the United States through a proverbial tunnel into the basement do the greatest disservice to many of the illegal aliens who hide amongst us. Bringing a child into this country illegally is throwing their chips in with yours on an incredibly risky bet.  Gambling with children’s lives is a lousy thing to do, especially when the payoff can get revoked at any time.

Let’s not forget Jorge’s champions on our side of the border: the Democrats, the “RINOs,” the reporters and the assorted hate groups who advocate for amnesty for Jorges here and an open door to aspiring Jorges everywhere. The people who demand we exchange “illegal alien” for “undocumented immigrant.” The ones who enact “sanctuary city” laws. Those who would lure illegal aliens to work under the table in their factories, farms or foyers, knowing all along that they may very well be luring them into nightmares like Jorge’s. Perhaps  worst of all, those who use people like Jorge as political pawns in their vote-grabbing, government shutdown-daring schemes. All of them share the shame of promising people like Jorge a “dream,” but deliver only buzzwords like “Dreamers.” And they also share the blood and pain of the Americans who often fall victim to crimes when “Jorge Garcia, landscaper” turns out to be “Jose Inez Garcia Zarate, murderer.”

Jorge Garcia’s expulsion makes for a sad story. But he spent 30 years writing it. Maybe he should have devoted a chapter to “getting a green card.” If he gets around to adding some new pages, he should throw in something about the dangers of turning a country into a taxpayer-subsidized truck stop and trusting the sort of people who want to.

— Ben Crystal

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