How a FEE Seminar Launched My Career

Set the Wayback Machine to 2013. I was at a Liberty on the Rocks event in Atlanta — a rare night out sans kids or partner for this stay-at-home mom. It was at that event that I happened to run into Chuck Grimmett who was, at the time, the Communications Director for FEE. We got to chatting, as people do, and I told him about the new volunteer gig I’d started handling the Twitter account for a local liberty organization. Chuck very thoughtfully recommended that I think about applying to attend a seminar put on by FEE being held right there in Atlanta called Communicating Liberty. Being new to the world of communications, he thought I’d benefit from the experience.

I went home, thought about it, discussed logistics with my partner, and applied the very next day. To my utter delight, I was accepted shortly thereafter. That August, I spent several amazing days surrounded by other young liberty-lovers from all over the world as we delved into the subject of selling liberty to the masses. I made several friendships during that seminar, some of which continue today, and I learned a great deal about liberty, the world, and myself.

To say that that seminar changed my life is a bit of an understatement. It showed me a path, and I chose to walk it. I discovered vast vistas of opportunity and new ways of thinking. And I chose to do something about it. Today, I work for FEE, but long before that was even a prospect, FEE changed my life for the better. I would not be the same mother or activist or professional that I am today without attending that seminar.

FEE is proud to continue to offer these kinds of seminars to high school and college-age students all over the country where young people can learn new skills and develop existing ones. Here are the seminars we have coming up this year.

Economics in the Real World

This seminar isn't just about learning game-changing ideas like why incentives matter. It's also about putting those ideas into practice in the real world. If you're looking for the tools needed to better understand the news, global issues, and the world around you, join us at either Vanderbilt University in Nashville or Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio in June.

The benefits will last a lifetime at this 3-day seminar for high school-aged students. Get ready to:

  • Learn the secrets to leveraging the economic way of thinking and entrepreneurial mindset to achieve success on your terms
  • Gain real-world communications and leadership skills during fierce competitions like the Economist's Challenge
  • Discover new ways of thinking about global issues during eye-opening Discussion Sessions and competitive Trivia Challenges
  • Connect with other top students during fun socials like Movie Night and activities like Seminar Games and the Trading Game

Economics isn’t just some boring class you have to take to graduate, it’s a way to understand how the world actually functions. Gaining an economic mindset is crucial to truly seeing how things work.

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business. It's a mindset that includes coming up with innovative ways to solve problems. Do you have what it takes to creatively and proactively solve problems in the real world? Find out this summer at Chapman University in Orange, CA, in June or the University of Denver in July.

At this 3-day summer camp, high schoolers will have a unique opportunity to:

  • Hear captivating stories from successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professors as you learn the secrets to leveraging the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Gain resume-worthy leadership, communication, and presentation skills as you turn a concept into reality in the Entrepreneur's Challenge
  • Discover how entrepreneurs change the world and master the economic way of thinking during eye-opening Discussions and competitive Trivia Challenges
  • Build lasting relationships with other top students during fun activities like Movie Night, Scavenger Hunt, and the Trading Game

Entrepreneurs brought us the smartphone, online payment systems, meal kits, and Netflix. How will you change the world for the better?

Leadership in Action

Do you have what it takes to be a great leader? If you're looking for a real-world toolbox to empower you to be a changemaker, join us this July at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, or Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO.

At this 3-day seminar for high school-aged students, get ready to:

  • Hear personal stories from community leaders and professors as you learn the secrets to leveraging the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Gain resume-worthy leadership and communication skills as you discover new ways of thinking about global economic issues
  • Master the economic way of thinking during eye-opening Discussions, Trivia Challenges, and Talks
  • Connect with other top students during fun socials like Movie Night and activities like The Leaders Challenge and Scavenger Hunt

Good leadership is a skill to be learned and mastered like any other. Whether you’re looking to run a household or a globe-spanning business, the know-how you’ll gain at this seminar will help you be the best, most effective leader you can be.

The Morality of Markets

Nearly every complaint you hear today about the economy involves issues of inequality, morality, or the abuse of power. What kind of social system do we need to truly help the poor? High schoolers can join us this July as we discuss these topics and more at Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH. College-age students can join us at Clemson University in South Carolina in July.

At this 3-day seminar for high school-aged students, get ready to:

  • Hear inspiring stories and insights as you discover new ways of thinking about global economic issues like markets vs. socialism
  • Leverage the entrepreneurial mindset during fierce competitions like Shark Tank and Seminar Olympics
  • Learn the virtues of heroic innovators along with the skills you need to make a positive impact wherever your faith leads
  • Connect with other top students during fun activities, campus tours, and socials

College-age students will have an incredible opportunity to:

  • Learn why free enterprise and strong character provide the best opportunity to generate wealth for everyone and why socialism doesn't
  • Take part in game-changing discussions, Q&A sessions, and debates with dynamic speakers, knowledgeable professors, and top student leaders
  • Meet and greet other driven students during fun socials and hands-on experiments like the Trading Game

Most of us agree that the freedom to innovate and trade leads to economic growth, but does success for some come at the expense of others? If you're looking for fresh perspectives or simply curious about the ethical side of capitalism, be sure to check this one out!

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life, Change the World

To change the world you have to understand it. FEE seminars help young people like you do just that. The programs are designed to focus on fundamentals. We will talk about big ideas, and our goal is for you to leave with more confidence and prepared to take on the world. These programs should be a starting place on your journey to better understand the world and make more informed decisions.

The $79 cost covers tuition, housing, and meals (the price varies depending on the seminar), though limited reimbursement scholarships are available and awarded on a rolling basis. Select seminars are limited to the first 150 registrants, so be sure to go ahead and apply!

With so many young people today taking a much more active interest in how the world works, don’t miss this incredible opportunity to not only get a leg up on the competition but also learn how to make truly effective and lasting change. The deadline for applications is March 31st, so don’t wait to put yours in. We at FEE are really looking forward to seeing you there!