Mike Lee explains how Republicans screwed us

Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee is one of the last true conservatives left in Washington as the group of lawmakers brought in under the 2009 Tea Party revolution continues to dwindle and soften. And he has a warning for voters who want to see budget sanity in America.

In February, the Republican controlled Congress voted to suspend the nation’s debt ceiling and increase American budget caps by $300 billion.

For a any conservative who was complaining about out of control government spending throughout the Obama administration, the move didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But it seems the only people truly concerned about the government spending reversal are conservative purist. Remaining Republican voters are evidently under the opinion that President Donald Trump can somehow recap the extreme spending.

For lawmakers like Lee, that’s a problem.

“[The budget is] a reversal from the promises that have been made on the campaign trail on countless occasions by countless Republicans running for federal office,” Lee told The Daily Caller. “This is a concern to me.”

Asked whether he believes mainstream Republicans still believe they belong to the party of conservatism, Lee said “ask them what they think.”

The takeaway is that American conservatives should get in touch with their lawmakers to ask whether Trumpism has erased their dedication to cutting federal spending to levels which would better ensure the U.S.’s economic survival in the coming years.

Referencing the current budget deal which he voted against, Lee said the agreement “cannot be described in any universe as a conservative measure.”

“Particularly troubling is the fact that not only was it not conservative, but it was presented to us as a binary choice within hours of a government shutdown, with no opportunity to improve it. So we were told, you either vote for this and all that goes along with it, all of the defects in it, all of the hidden Easter eggs in there. In this six- or seven-hundred page bill. Or you vote against it and be accused of causing a government shutdown,” he said.

In other words, Lee is saying the only thing that’s changed in Washington is the name of the party spending money recklessly.

“This is wrong,” he said. “This is government at its worst.”

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