Liberals want Revolutionary War reenactors disarmed

A group of history buffs in California was recently forced to cancel their annual Revolutionary War reenactment because the sight of muskets used in the mock battle could prove too triggering for local lefties.

The Elk Grove Historical society was hoping to put on the reenactment in their city in Sacramento County with 3,000 spectators expected to attend the event.

“We would have encampments and all kinds of entertainment for the kids to see,” said Jim Entrican, facilities manager for the group told CBS Sacramento.

But despite not having trouble putting on the event in the past, the organizers were told they could not put on the reenactment this year because of local laws banning them from using muskets in the show.

According to a city law in Elk Grove, no resident is permitted to “use, maintain, possess, fire, or discharge any firearm” in the park. This ordinance evidently also applies to Revolutionary War reenactors blank firing black powder muskets.

“There’s no firing guns in a park, but there’s exceptions for each one of the ordinances,” Entrican, who called the situation “very frustrating,” said.

And it’s no surprise the event organizer is flustered considering the compromise offered up by city officials.

“They actually asked us if we can use wooden sticks, and can you see 12 men in full regalia and another 12 charging with wooden sticks saying ‘Bang bang!’ It just doesn’t have the same effect,” he said.

“History is important and we’re losing it,” Entrican added.


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