The kids aren’t all right

At Wednesday afternoon’s White House meeting between President Donald Trump and some of the survivors of the Parkland atrocity and their parents, a young man named Samuel Zeif, blinking back tears, asked “How is it that easy to buy… a weapon of war?” Zeif was referring to the much-maligned AR-15, specifically, a story about a teenager who was able to walk into a gun shop in Florida and purchase an AR without showing ID or undergoing any background check.

The anti-liberty left oohed and aahed over the brave high school student. His question was insightful. It was penetrating. It was heartrending. It cut through the noise surrounding the issue and laid it bare for all to see. A teenage survivor of a terrible crime stood up to the president, the NRA and the gun nuts out there. It was compelling stuff.

It was also bogus. The story to which Mr. Zeif referred is a debunked hoax which has been circling the internet, like a nugget that just won’t flush, for a couple of years. A self-described reporter named Cody Davis reportedly walked into a store with an expired ID and walked out with an AR-15. As Davis later admitted, the sale never occurred. He was allowed to hold an unloaded weapon “within seconds,” and later asserted that that permission somehow “would” have translated into an illegal sale, if he had “stayed for maybe three minutes longer to fill out less paperwork than I did for the hiring process at my school’s bookstore.” The tall tale resurfaced, thanks to it being cited as fact by CNN’s tabloid morning shrieker, Chris Cuomo. And then, Wednesday afternoon, it fell out of the mouth of Samuel Zeif.

Zeis is certainly not to blame here. He’s a kid who has endured more in the last week than most should have to in a lifetime. A high school student, bombarded endlessly by anti-liberty propaganda, made the mistake of treating CNN, specifically the ridiculous Cuomo, as a legitimate news source. Imagine the leftist sewage through which kids like Zeif have to wade on a daily basis, much less in times of crisis. He’s been told:

  • It’s easier for anyone to get a gun than to get “cold medicine,” “a computer,” or even “a book!”
  • There have been 18 school shootings in 2018.
  • President Trump rescinded an Obama-era order restricting the mentally ill from accessing firearms.
  • The AR-15 is a “weapon of war.”
  • The NRA “trained” Cruz.
  • The NRA opposes safety measures in schools.
  • The 2nd Amendment pertains only to muskets or other 18th century firearms.
  • Ripping pages out of the Bill of Rights will make him safer.
  • Doing so will matter to criminals.
  • He doesn’t need the armed protections afforded to the same rich and famous people who told him the rest of these lies.
  • His life, and those of every student, isn’t worth $500,000,000/year in federal funding, but abortion is.

The Democrat-media complex has flooded the wounded psyches of victims like Samuel Zeif with an avalanche of agitprop which bears as much resemblance to the truth as an (not) Everytown fundraising email. Given what he has been through, he should be commended for be able to walk outside without assistance, much less travel to Washington and discuss it in front of a global audience. Zeif, along with the rest of the victims of a depraved murderer whom the law enforcement community couldn’t be bothered to run down, despite repeated warnings, are being used as pawns in the same cravenly partisan game the left always plays.

Samuel Zeif and his fellow students went through hell last week. Shame on the left for exploiting them for their own twisted purposes. And shame on anyone who continues to support them doing so.

— Ben Crystal

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