Funk god George Clinton on cultural appropriation…

It seems like everywhere you go these days, some social justice warrior is complaining about white Americans “appropriating” minority culture. George Clinton of the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic says America needs to cool it and realize all culture belongs to all people.

Asked during a recent interview with Rolling Stone how he feels “about white artists doing black music,” Clinton shut the race-baiting question down noting that he’s borrowed grooves from all kinds of artists.

“I’d bite off the Beatles, or anybody else. It’s all one world, one planet and one groove. You’re supposed to learn from each other, blend from each other, and it moves around like that,” Clinton told the magazine.

In his own colorful way, the music legend went on to suggest that all the bickering about who gets to own what pieces of global culture ultimately disadvantages the entire human race.

“You see that rocket ship leave yesterday? We can maybe leave this planet. We gonna be dealing with aliens. You think black and white gonna be a problem?” Clinton asked. “Wait till you start running into motherfuckers with three or four dicks! Bug-eyed motherfuckers! They could be ready to party, or they could be ready to eat us. We don’t know, but we’ve got to get over this shit of not getting along with each other.”

Seemingly no fan of the president, Clinton also named Donald Trump the “least funky person alive.”

He said: “Can’t be no funk in the Trump!”

Still, Clinton told Rolling Stone that he remains optimistic about the future of the country.

“I’m optimistic about it, because whatever happened, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. If He did it, He did it all,” he said. “You just have to figure your way how to dance your way out of your constriction. And pray, have faith and all that shit.”

Why should anyone care about what Clinton thinks about anything?

Well, because he is– whether you are a funk fan notwithstanding– something of a culture icon in the U.S. And because he isn’t beholden to the Hollywood culture masters who keep most of the nation’s contemporary celebrities in line with the mandates of insane political correctness, Clinton offers a perspective reflective of saner times in the U.S.

Scary thought, huh?

Here’s Parliament-Funkadelic’s most recent track, released earlier this year:


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