Movie Review: Red Sparrow: New at Reason

Jennifer Lawrence gets all kinds of naked in Red Sparrow. It's a crass thing to say at the outset of a review, I know, but this unusually brutal spy movie traffics so heavily in Lawrence's nudity that it has to be a factor in any assessment of the film.

When hacked nude photos of Lawrence surfaced online four years ago, she implored fans not to look at them (as if that would actually dissuade anyone). Now she says that doing nudity of her own volition in this film allowed her to reclaim her body. ("I feel like something that was taken from me I got back and am using in my art.") Okay. But then the movie also allows her to get violently raped, stripped and beaten bloody with a club, and, in a scene set in a sort of spy-sex classroom, to be positioned on a desk naked, with her legs spread, ordering one of the observing students to approach and have his way with her, writes Kurt Loder.

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