Tucker Carlson is right… Trump’s gun talk is stupid (video)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped President Donald Trump for his recent “take the guns first” remark, arguing that Republicans should definitely not give the chief executive a pass on his blatantly unconstitutional remarks.

Talking about about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooter recently, Trump seemingly advocating gutting the Bill of Rights as the answer to mass shootings:

The police saw that he was a problem, they didn’t take any guns away. Now, that could’ve been policing. They should’ve taken them away anyway, whether they had the right or not… I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time. Take the guns first, go through due process second.

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Carlson asked viewers to imagine a world in which President Barack Obama had made the exact same statement.

“Imagine if Barack Obama had said that — just ignore due process and confiscating guns?” Carlson asked. “Obama would have been denounced as a dictator [by conservatives]. We would have denounced him first, trust me. Congress would be talking impeachment.”

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that hasn’t happened with Trump. In fact, the National Rifle Association’s statements to date on the president’s remarks mostly seem aimed at making gun owners believe he didn’t mean what he said.

“We all want safe schools, mental health reform and to keep guns away from dangerous people. POTUS & VPOTUS support the Second Amendment, support strong due process and don’t want gun control,” NRA executive director Chris Cox said via Twitter after meeting with the president this week.

And Carlson correctly pointed out that Trump’s statement has nothing to do with whether he and the NRA are on the same page– it’s about whether the president has a basic understanding, or any respect, for American constitutional rights.

“The media … underplayed it and suggested it was a battle between the president and NRA,” Carlson said. “But it’s not about the NRA. It’s not even about the president. It’s about the Constitution. And the Constitution remains the same no matter who is in power. That’s the point of the Constitution.”

 That’s a point worth remembering.

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