The gun control push is backfiring… but it won’t stop

Recent response to corporate attacks on 2nd Amendment rights and political chatter about intensifying gun control illustrates that Americans are still largely convinced there are better ways to prevent mass shooting tragedies than making it more difficult for law abiding citizens to obtain firearms.

Following the high school shooting in Florida earlier this month, a number of corporations have moved to make gun control statements by distancing themselves from the National Rifle Association ending member discounts and self imposing gun control measures in retail outlets where firearms are sold.

Despite corporate America’s haste to jump on the pro side of the gun control conversation, there’s not a whole lot of evidence suggesting their customers are actually on board.

Polling data from Morning Consult showed that the business did achieve gains in customer support following the moves.

Unfavorability ratings for the three major rental car brands associated with Enterprise Holdings Inc. — Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo and National Car Rental — all more than doubled among surveyed adults after they learned about the companies ending discounts for NRA members.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s favorability rating slid from 61 percent to 50 percent, while its unfavorability rating jumped from 12 percent to 25 percent. For Alamo and National Car Rental, favorability was little changed, whereas unfavorability ratings increased from 10 percent to 24 percent and 11 percent to 25 percent, respectively.

And not all companies are capitulating.

After Dicks Sporting Goods announced a round of self-imposed gun control measures, Palmetto State Armory replied with a lengthy statement criticizing the move.

Palmetto State Armory would like to go on record stating that we support the Second Amendment. While this may seem like an obvious statement, we as a company felt it necessary to make our opinion known to the general public. Palmetto State Armory also strongly supports the First Amendment which enables individuals to voice their opinions, even those in contrast with our own. We believe that a primary purpose of the Second Amendment is actually to protect the First Amendment.

The gun maker said:

In regards to the actions taken today by the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods to no longer sell the AR-15 platform, while we do not agree with this decision, we recognize the fact that capitalism gives him the right to make this call. PSA however, does have an issue when misinformation is spread in the very next sentence by referring to the platform as an “assault rifle.” AR stands for Armalite Rifle which pays homage to the company that originally created the platform. To blame the rifle or a high capacity magazine for the actions of an evil man is illogical and is only applied when referring to firearms. Senseless acts of violence are a terrible plague on society that we all recognize we need to try and prevent as a community, but to blame a tool such as a firearm is at very best missing the point of the problem. When a vehicle is used to commit an act of violence we as a society do not blame the car, we do not blame the speed, or the steering wheel, but rather the driver. It is our hopes that we can approach this negativity with humanity and both sides of the argument can come together and have a civil and intellectual conversation that continues to make this amazing county better. We are all in this together, and we all want the same thing. Safety, happiness, and the “American Dream.”


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