Democrats want a MASSIVE new ammo tax

Congressional Democrats are currently working on a plan to tax Americans out of their 2nd Amendment rights.

A bill currently on offer by House Democrats could raise taxes on ammunition by as much as 50 percent to fund research for “gun violence prevention.” reported:

The measure, H.R.5103, was introduced last week by U.S. Rep. Danny Davis of Illinois with nine co-sponsors. It aims to increase current taxes on guns and ammunition, as well as fees associated with National Firearms Act weapons.

Under the plan, ammunition would see excise taxes increase to 50 percent and firearms to 20 percent. Currently, manufacturers pay a long-running 11 percent excise tax on sporting firearms and ammunition under the Pittman–Robertson Act, which goes to fund conservation efforts such as hunter education programs, public shooting ranges and preserving wildlife habitat. The jump in fees under Davis’ plan would be set aside for public safety grants and research.

Here’s the full legislation.

Davis says his legislation is meant to deter Americans from buying ammunition and firearms, according to reports. The lawmaker said increased gun violence in Chicago and throughout the country are what led him to believe the legislation is necessary.

“If the individuals continue to use weapons and continue to use the bullets, the tax would direct money at least to gun violence prevention activity,” Davis said.

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