GOP bill would strengthen self-defense rights

Legislation recently introduced by congressional Republicans would make it easier for young Americans over the age 18 to purchase a self-defense firearm.

At a time when the political left is clamoring for legislation aimed at making it more difficult for Americans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, one of Congress’ most conservative lawmakers is moving in the opposite direction with the Second Amendment for Every Registerable Voter (SAFER) Act.

The legislation would lower the minimum age for handgun purchases in the U.S. to 18, down from the current 21.

Massie, who chairs the House’s Second Amendment Caucus, says the legislation is about ensuring no adult American is denied the right to self-defense.

In a statement via Twitter, Massie explained: “I just introduced the Second Amendment for Every Registrable Voter Act. HR 5112, The SAFER Voter Act, would repeal the federal law that prevents voting age adults, 18 to 20, from purchasing a handgun from a FFL.

“Why should a 20-yr-old mom be denied the right to defend herself?”

The legislation comes as many of Massie’s congressional peers are moving in the opposite direction, working to raise the minimum purchase age for rifles and shotguns to 21 throughout the nation.

That is a policy change being fiercely opposed by the National Rifle Association and American 2nd Amendment supporters, though President Trump has suggested the White House may support legislation increasing the minimum age.

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