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World, Stop Copying Me!

No sooner than I mention fireworks stores in a comment at Reason, Sounds like the fireworks store across the county line could be considered a WMD arsenal.  Geraldo Rivera spends nearly his whole show today talking about requiring a license and background check to buy fireworks.  I am not even going to ask if he is […]

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Amendments are not absolutes. They can have restrictions. You can’t yell fire in crowded theaters or libel someone (1st). This gem is parroted whenever some statist Leftist (but I repeat myself) wants to end a right of the people that might stand in his way of controlling more people. On its face, it seems pretty […]

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Where do you find White American Terrorists Walking the Streets?

White terrorists are not hard to find in America, all you have to do is take a trip to your local Progressive leaning university. The progression goes like this: Read Marxist and Marxist derivative works, wear Communist logos on your clothes, talk about “the struggle” for “the workers”, blow stuff up, get a professorship.  A […]

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The Senate Votes, That Should Not Have Happened, Fail

The Senate had a couple of votes today concerning our rights.  As I have written here recently, our rights should not be subject to a vote and if 16 Republicans had done the right thing to begin with, these votes would not have happened to begin with. First, the Senate voted on the Manchin Amdt. No. […]

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Senator Corker Pleads His Case

From his official Facebook account, an underling of Senator Bob Corker (R-TN)  posted this: Senator Bob Corker April 12 There’s a lot of confusion out there. Here are the facts: Senator Corker is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and has an “A” rating from the NRA. His vote Thursday was to allow S. 649 […]

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Governments do not Create Marriages

Marriages are created by people. Marriage licenses are a bureaucratic tool to hinder people from exercising free choice. We are living in strange times indeed when the litigious left has begun clamoring for “meaningless pieces of paper.” I am old enough to remember when that was the mantra from professors to hippies. Something happened on […]

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It Takes a Spartan To Rear a Child?

The Twittersphere seems to be in a tizzy about this MSNBC “Lean-Forward” ad featuring Melissa Harris-Perry advocating collectivist rearing and training of your children. She repeats the well worn idea that children should belong to the whole of society rather than their parents. The most frequent historical comparisons that I’ve noticed are the easy comparisons […]

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