Chris Bacavis

Free-Market Libertarians are Today’s Flat-Earthers

[This article was originally posted on Reformed Libertarian] They certainly are. Just not in the sense, though, that a lot of readers might imagine. Let me explain. What is it that typically keeps people from embracing free-market capitalism as a system of exchange? Or how about libertarianism in general? The initial stumbling blocks today, of course, are the prevalent myths… Read more →

Egocentrism’s Role in Freedom

Let’s not pretend: egocentrism certainly plays some role in the mind of anyone who desires to do anything that he or she wants to do. That person will seek out the greatest benefit for himself or herself, pursuing some end result (hopefully positive) that comes from fulfilling one’s own wishes. Famously, even the Framers saw it as a positive ambition,… Read more →

No, Jesus Doesn’t “Support” Your Token Legislation

There’s that old tendency on the part of some leftists to misuse the ministry of Jesus Christ for political advantage. That’s where something like this emerges: A couple of initial responses. First, it’s obvious even from a cursory reading of the New Testament that Jesus’ “healthcare” only consisted of supernatural healing. I wouldn’t count on the State being able to… Read more →